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Shopping & Dining

shopping and diningBrookvale has a fast-growing business community, and is a major industrial area.Warringah Mall is located at Brookvale; it has two department stores, several supermarkets, and about 300 other retailers and restaurants. A number of car dealerships and related vehicle services are located in Brookvale. Many printing and signage businesses are also located in Brookvale, such as AP & Prior Print, located on Mitchell Road.

Popular store In Brookvale

  • Warringah Mall Shopping center
  • Aldi 
  • Telstra Shop
  • Winnings Appliances
  • Grocesory Stores

Popular Resturant In Brookvale

  • Brookvale Chinese Restaurant
  • LusciousKiki Cakes 
  • Trattoria Il Segreto ( Italian Resturant )

Common Facilities

  • Common Kitchen +

    MyStarHome has a fully equipped common kitchen for guests wanting to cook their own food.
  • Disable Access +

    MyStarHome is designed with disability needs in mind and has 2 rooms specifically fitted for people with disability.
  • Secured Parking +

    My star home got 6 car park one for disability. Read More
  • Security +

    Safety of guests is our top priority. All external doors are always locked and there are security cameras throughout the
  • Keyless Entry +

    The entry to the property and the rooms is via smart key. That means no unauthorized person can enter the
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